There is quite an innovative way of paying in Poland, called BLIK.

With this new service, customers can use their smartphones to make payments in stores and online, withdraw cash from ATMs, and send P2P payments to customers. Six of the biggest banks in Poland introduced BLIK, which aims to make paying with a phone simple and easy. Rather than use a card or hand over cash for a transaction, users simply enter a six-digit code into their phone app. Simplicity, safety, and speed are the features of the new system. With BLIK, it is possible to pay either in a traditional shop or online without the need to enter any sensitive data (for example, the user’s name, number, or validity of the card).

I introduced a new payment flow with BLIK usage at iTaxi in the mid of 2019. Here is the process: how I drew wireframes, and after that prepared design with Marek, our designer. Having that ready, developers started to implement BLIK, and then the company was able to the big launch.  

The video showing the process

Final designs

Final designs of BLIK payment type.