The task: wireframes for the new version of Polona portal.

The redesign of the wireframes prepared during the UX process between Polona’s team and UX’s company. There was a need to redesign connected with the lack of details needed by the team for the further development process. The cooperation included the redesign of wireframes for the Polona’s portal (frontend and back-office).

The new Polona’s website is still in progress.

The existing website is here.


The National Library of Poland “acts as the central library of the country and is one of the most important cultural institutions in Poland. Its mission is to protect national heritage preserved in the form of handwritten, printed, electronic, recorded sound and audiovisual documents. The primary task of the National Library of Poland is to acquire, store and permanently archive the intellectual output of Poles, including the works of citizens living on Polish soil, the most important foreign works, and publications related to Poland and published abroad”.

Patrimonium – a 3 years long digitalization project. The main task is to digitalize collections from the biggest libraries in Poland: The National Library of Poland and Jagiellonian Library of the Jagiellonian University. It is the biggest project of this kind in Poland’s cultural history. The goal is to digitalize approximately 1 000 000 of cultural objects and to share it for free with all citizens via the Polona’s portal.

Wireframes of Polona's new website - screen.


Role Owner
Client The National Library of Poland
UX designer Katarzyna Małecka