The background

iTaxi is a ride-hailing platform connecting passengers and licensed cab drivers – rather like Lyft, Uber, or Bolt. The company was formed in 2013, and our mobile app enables cab drivers to pick up passengers and charge them for the ride. The company focuses on offering a quality service to business customers across the largest cities in Poland, and in 2019 was recognized as one of the best developing tech companies in Europe by The Next Web’s Tech5 competition.

The task

To redesign the UX and graphics of the iTaxi mobile app to be more modern and user-friendly. The second reason was to make a place for a new service that iTaxi introduced in November 2019. 

Work on the 4.0.0 version of the iTaxi mobile apps (for Android and iOS systems) has taken about four months. The new version replaced the old 3.0. Version, which was released in January 2017.

Main responsibilities:

  • UX of the mobile apps
  • UX research
  • development management.

The UX process

What was the situation (3.0 Version of the iTaxi app)?

  • The main screen was covered with a vast map, and there was only one input field for the current address of the user’s position. 
  • The second screen contained additional details. Also, there was a possibility to add the destination address. The user was able to choose here more options, as well as the type of taxi (popular or luxury).
  • The next screen is from the moment when the user was driving in a taxi cab. Here is also a vast map and not many possible actions. 
Screen of iTaxi mobile app - showing how it looks like when you order a taxi

I decided that I have to improve the functionalities mentioned above like that:

  • The main screen includes not only the current position but the possibility of the simple addition of destination address. We also wanted to show the distance/estimated time upfront.
  • The second screen, with all additional options – to be more clear and user-friendly. We hidden not important features and highlighted the most important ones. Here is also visible a new service that iTaxi introduced within this mobile app version: iTxi ticket with a guaranteed price for the taxi ride.
  • The screen visible while taxi ride is also improved: with added information about the taxi, route, price, and also possibility to contact with iTaxi team (in case of any emergency). It makes the taxi ride more safely for the passenger.

First, I prepared wireframes. They were discussed within the whole iTaxi team.

iTaxi mobile application - wireframes showing new sketches of the software

When we agreed to all functionalities, then I started to work with our designer Marek on final designs. Here is the result:

iTaxi mobile application - new version (4.0) of the app. Screen showing how it looks like

Mobile apps are available here

App store - image
Google Play - image

Video Case Study

You can read more about the process of accessibility improvements in iTaxi mobile apps (PL); and you can find the whole case study of my work on iTaxi app for cab drivers (PL). If you want to read more about the iTaxi Ticket service, visit iTaxi website (PL).


Role Owner
Client iTaxi
Senior android developer Anna Orłowska
Senior iOS developer Marcin Makowski
Junior android developer Joanna Heluszka
IT director Gaweł Boguta
Senior QA manager Sylwia Okraska
Junior QA manager Ewa Janik
Product owner Kamil Zych
UX designer Katarzyna Małecka
Graphic designer Marek Kaleta
IT architect Piotr Rzeźniczak
Marketing director Eliza Niemirska