That's why the IT team has developed My.SunRoof, an all-in-one portal designed to revolutionize how customers interact with the company.

Speed and flexibility of the development process

The IT team embraced an agile development approach for the creation of My.SunRoof. It enabled to deliver results quickly and adapt to changing requirements seamlessly.

By utilizing the Scrumban approach, the IT team fostered collaboration, communication, and a continuous feedback loop. This allowed to prioritize features, address challenges efficiently, and deliver a high-quality product in a record time of four months (from first requirements to an MVP launch).

Features of My.SunRoof

  1. Documentation Access: with My.SunRoof, customers can easily access all their important documentation in one central location. From signed agreements to project milestones and FAQs, everything is conveniently organized and accessible at their fingertips.
  2. Communication channels: My.SunRoof provides a direct and transparent communication channel between customers and our sales representatives, project managers, and service engineers. This ensures a smooth and coordinated solar journey, eliminating potential miscommunications or delays.
  3. Real-Time Project Tracking: Customers can track the progress of their SunRoof installation in real-time through My.SunRoof. This level of transparency empowers customers and keeps them engaged throughout the entire process.

What is coming soon

  1. Energy Production Monitoring: My.SunRoof will offer customers real-time data on their energy production and statistics. This will empower them to monitor their energy generation, optimize energy usage, and make informed decisions to maximize savings.

My.SunRoof is designed to evolve with customer needs and industry advancements. As the IT team continues to enhance the portal, customers can look forward to additional features such as handover documentation, invoices, and even participation in virtual power plant programs. Stay tuned!


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Title News: introducing My.SunRoof, the all-in-one portal revolutionizing solar customer experience
Author Małecka, Katarzyna
Publisher SunRoof
Year 2023