The background

Expert sp. z o.o.: On the market since 2010. The company offers end-to-end home delivery services together with dropshipping logistics. Specializes in deliveries of furniture, electronics, and non-standard packages. The main clients: Media Expert, Jysk, Komfort, Agata Furniture, Media Markt, Neonet, and more.

The task

Touchless delivery is now crucial. The coronavirus is spreading. There is a lot of problems with proper transportation and distribution to customers. But the solution is ready, thanks to Expert Transport and Teina.

The situation is quite complicated in delivery services, where the simple idea of leaving a package at the doors is not an option. It works for food delivery or couriers with small packages. When it comes to transportation and distribution of AGD, RTV, furniture, or hardware, it is not possible to just leave the boxes at the home or office front doors. There is needed paperwork and signing of the documents. How to do this during the COVID-19 crisis, when every contact could be a possible threat?

Voice Sign is the solution. It is a service that enables signing the documents confirming the delivery with voice usage. The delivery person has an additional feature in his mobile application. It is a matter of one click, and customers agree to sign electronically. The user has to recite the proper form, and the spoken confirmation is recorded.

The other solution that the company prepared is Touch Free signing by SMS. It works very simply. The delivery person chooses this option in his / her app. The user receives an SMS with a unique and safe link to the webpage with all the details of the delivery. There is also a confirmation button that electronically signing the document. The customer uses his or her own smartphone, so the risks of danger contact are lowered to a minimum.

Both solutions were implemented on Monday night. Now is the time to observe the reactions of both companies and customers using Voice Sign or Touch Free features.

Screen of Voice Sign service - mockup.

Additional information:

Expert Transport: Polish company, established in 2010. The company offers services for home delivery. Specializes in transportation and distribution of AGD/RTV and furniture. Primary clients: Media Markt, Agata Meble, Komfort, Neonet, and many more.

More information: read the press release (note: in Polish) and the short article (note: in English).


Role Owner
Client Expert Transport
Project Manager Katarzyna Małecka
Software Engineer Artur Chudzik