The task

Actigaze has an old website. For beta testing of the new version of the software, there was a need to create an entirely new website, based on API that would help to manage sells of licenses for the software.

The new website was established:

  • UX phase: it was a simple check of what information should be exposed to help users with disabilities to find how to use the software and how to get it;
  • The design phase: was not complicated. Thanks to ThemeForest we just bought a very flexible design and then adjusted it to our needs (having in mind the target group with disabilities);
  • The development phase: it took about 24 hours to provide a brand new website. It is a great success to achieve it so fast, with also licenses management tool included.


Actigaze website screen.
Actigaze website screen.


Role Owner
Client Actigaze
End-to-end development Artur Chudzik